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Revenue for the Adjustable Bed and Mattress Manufacturing industry is forecast to rise over the next five years to 2020. Adjustable bed and mattress makers, like most suppliers of luxury consumer products, saw revived demand over the five-year cycle due to changing economic conditions.

Population development, an increase in the number of building starts, and an increase in the size of homes have all led to business growth. Since buyers usually buy new furniture and household goods as they move into new homes, operation in the residential real estate industry has a significant effect on adjustable bed and mattress suppliers.

As a result, market revenue is forecast to rise at a 12.1 percent annualized rate to $2.5 billion over the next five years, including a 4.9 percent growth this year alone.


Market for adjustable beds and mattresses has recovered significantly from its recessionary depths over the last five years.

Per capita disposable income, customer sentiment, residential building investment, and favorable demographic dynamics have all proved to be significant boons to industry operators, laying the groundwork for the Adjustable Bed and Mattress Manufacturing industry to revive and expand organically.

Furthermore, increasing market understanding of the health benefits of relaxed sleep has aided the industry’s product advancements, providing industry products with a growing pool of potential consumers.

Research forecasts that market sales will have increased by an annualized 12.1 percent to $2.5 billion over the next five years, with a 4.9 percent growth in 2020.


Revenue for the Adjustable Bed and Mattress Manufacturing industry is expected to rise over the next five years. Residential spending is expected to grow as buyers continue to buy homes and invest in new home furnishings.

Furthermore, production prices are projected to be less volatile, which would aid in profit stabilization. Finally, continued creativity would help to drive business growth.

Nonetheless, a downturn in general economic conditions impacting customer demand and residential development would hinder sales growth in the sector.

As a result, Research forecasts that market sales will rise at a 4.3 percent annualized pace to $3.1 billion in the five years to 2025.

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Adjustable beds and mattresses are manufactured for manufacturers, wholesalers, customers, and the export market. Hospital beds are expressly excluded from this sector.

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