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Majority Investing with Growth Firms


This is not an exhaustive list of items we look at, but it gives us both a starting point to know whether there might be a fit. In some cases, we may be able to explore opportunities that are a bit above or below the criteria on a case-by-case basis.

REVENUE – above 10M


EBITDA – above 3M


EBITDA margin – above 15%



We prefer to align our boutique firm with sellers who are not only interested in a monetary transaction but sellers who are interested in taking things to the next level and cashing out twice, we structure deals so that you get a bite of the apple twice.

We look favorably upon sellers who are confident in their growth forecasts and willing to have skin in the transaction as an investment, securing future Cash Flows along with us, so we can see the forecast through together before they cash out.

Our intention is to move as quickly as possible and usually depends on how fast the seller can provide the required documentation for pre-qualification.


While these are challenging economic times, we want to work with firms producing Revenues ranging from $10-$200 million with Ebitda of 3 million and above primarily. We are positioned to make investments in majority positions within great companies.

In general, we look for favorable growth estimates that are realistic. We are always considering expansion and tend to favor assumptions backed by contracts or their equivalent.

At every phase, we endeavor to move swiftly, while being nimble. Avoiding needless bidding procedures. We cut through the noise and take a more direct approach.


Proactive management teams backed by a dependable staff. Strong ties to clients, customers, and suppliers. Policies, processes, and procedures that are effective, with workflows, goals, budgeting, reporting, sales action plans, and strategic goal plans.

An aggressive sales culture is a plus, who are ethical and professional. The economic climate has presented challenges that many of us have never encountered before, which we recognize is a significant issue for many companies.

Nonetheless, we remain optimistic about businesses that can prosper in these unpredictable times while keeping their business customers and personnel safe.

“We are constantly open to evaluating new prospects since each firm is different and it’s on a case-by-case basis. We want to be your go-to company for these conversations. We like providing free, unbiased views, based on facts.”

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