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The Activated Carbon Manufacturing sector has benefited from a greater emphasis on environmental policies. As activated carbon is exposed to oxygen, pores between carbon atoms form, raising their surface area. As a result, activated carbon can absorb toxins as liquids or gases flow through it. Activated carbon is mostly used in water treatment and air purification.


For the next five years, the Activated Carbon Manufacturing sector is expected to contract. Activated carbon products, which are mostly used for water treatment and air purification, eliminate toxins by physical adsorption. Because of the composition of charcoal, pollutants have a wide surface area, which binds them to the surface through the pores of activated carbon as liquid or gas moves through.

In recent years, the sector has benefited from an increasing global focus on purification and environmental protection. Nonetheless, the relative strength of the US dollar in recent years has made domestically processed activated carbon comparatively costly for global buyers.

Similarly, stagnant factory demand growth and intense foreign competition have stifled sales growth for domestic manufacturers. For the five years to 2020, industry revenue has decreased at an annualized rate of 1.7 percent to $323.9 million. Furthermore, owing to falling factory demand, market income is projected to slip by 2.5 percent in 2020 alone. The current COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is also expected to have an effect on industry results in 2020.

If global economic growth slows due to the coronavirus, downstream market productivity is projected to plummet, placing downward pressure on demand for industry goods.


Demand for the Activated Carbon Manufacturing industry is expected to grow over the next five years, owing primarily to regulatory reforms and estimated rises in domestic and global downstream demand.

Furthermore, the continued growth of key downstream industries, especially those in the industrial sector, is expected to support demand, while low input prices are expected to allow the industry to sustain high-profit margins over the next five years.

As a result, market revenue is forecast to grow at a 1.3 percent annualized rate to $344.9 million over the next five years. Since the 2020 COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, demand for industry goods is predicted to increase in 2021.

If global economic growth improves, downstream customers’ competitiveness is projected to rise, necessitating an improvement in demand for industry goods.

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Companies in this sector produce activated carbon, which is a porous source of carbon that has been refined. As a result, activated carbon has a wide surface area and can be used for adsorption or chemical reactions.

Activated carbon is manufactured from carbonaceous materials such as nutshells, peat, ash, coir, lignite, tar, and petroleum pitch and is used for a number of applications such as gas purification and water purification.

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