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Revenue in the Audit Services sector is predicted to rise over the next five years to 2020, owing to a growth in the number of companies and initial public offerings (IPOs) for the majority of the period.

When larger operators buy smaller players to expand their business footprint and offerings, the industry is seeing a lot of restructuring.

For the five years to 2020, market revenue is forecast to rise at an annualized rate of 1.4 percent to $34.0 billion, with a 0.4 percent decrease in 2020 alone.

COVID-19 (coronavirus) impacts on the market have reduced corporate profit, the number of companies, and new IPOs, both of which are high-value prospects, resulting in a downturn in 2020. In 2020, industry profit (earnings before interest and taxes) is expected to hit 20.2 percent of sales.


Accountants that are qualified to audit the financial reports of public and private companies and attest to comply with commonly recognized accounting standards make up the Audit Services industry.

An audit’s advantage is that it ensures that management has provided an accurate and honest picture of the company’s financial success and status.

The confidence and duty of stewardship between those who run a business and those who own it or have a desire for a real and equal opinion, such as creditors, is underpinned by an audit.

Companies file financial statements in compliance with a set of universally agreed accounting principles (GAAP) that is specific to their jurisdiction, often known as accounting standards or financial reporting standards.

Independent auditors assess the financial statements’ equal representation using a system of universally agreed auditing standards (GAAS), which define the criteria and guidance for conducting an audit, also known as auditing standards.


If overall market activity increases, demand for audit services is projected to remain stable over the next five years, up to 2025.

As the economy recovers from the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak and states restart operations, business activity such as mergers and acquisitions (M&As) and initial public offerings (IPOs) will accelerate, spurring growth in industry services.

Increased demand for audit services would result from the Securities and Exchange Commission’s tightening of regulations.

As a result, there are several comprehensive rules and ethical practices that audit companies and their employees must follow in order to support both the reality and the interpretation of auditor independence.

Industry sales is forecast to grow at an annualized rate of 1.8 percent to $37.1 billion over the five years to 2025.

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Accountants that are qualified to audit the financial reports of public and private companies and certify compliance with commonly agreed accounting standards make up this sector.

Only those certified public accountants (CPAs) that audit financial statements work in this field.

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