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Small Business Loans

Small Business Loans

As we attempt to be a forward thinking firm, with a thesis built upon prudent business and financial analysis. We approach each engagement as an opportunity to develop long lasting relationships because we know that companies need Small Business Loans and as they strive to survive, like the warriors they are, its well known that 66% of Small Businesses keep their doors open less than 2 years, usually due to inefficient access to Working Capital, but ACSE provides you with an an opportunity to beat the odds and easily access our Lending Marketplace with support along the way. The best part is that as we build long lasting relationships where we help people just like you who all started from nothing. Keeping in mind that a small business loan is essential for companies to be successful during tough times.

Has your business been affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic?

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Many businesses are facing challenges with the new normal and are struggling with cash considerations regarding their daily operations or plans for business continuity and because of being placed on a waiting list and not having all of the necessary requirements in an absolutely perfect format, this creates significant challenges for businesses to access the much needed funding they need to carry on. Meanwhile access to Working Capital is critical to the replenishment of Inventory, Property, Plant, Equipment, Furniture, Fixtures and most of all Cash. Therefore as Small Business Loans provide the Working Capital a small firm needs to survive, that is where we come in, ACSE provides you with a simple, easy to use Lending Marketplace with concierge support along the way. 


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Business Profile
  • Revenues: Preferably 5 million or more (Not that we won’t consider less once the EBITDA margin is impressive, also the higher the Revenue the more attractive it is)
  • EBITDA: Between 1 – 8 Million (North of 25% preferable not that we won’t consider anything else, also the higher the EBITDA the more attractive it is)
  • Existing Management Team (Willing to have a transitionary period and assist with recruiting a replacement or selecting next in line. This may involve a transition to a board only position for the seller.)
  • Product or Service Defensibility
  • Recurring Revenue 
  • Low customer concentration
  • B2B


Motivated Sellers
Sellers must have a flexible disposition to Deal Structure in this market. We favour the Deal Structure below as outlined. The Seller must want to do a deal more than shopping offers. We place emphasis on realistic Sellers that actually want or need to Sell. What we are offering as a Deal Structure across the spectrum of Sellers may or may not be a variation of the structure below:
  • 25% – 50% Cash at Close (Subject to the business situation, as almost none of the PE firms and Private Lenders we work with will consider anything above that range.)
  • 25% – 50% Seller Note ( Subject to the Industry Systemic Risk, Market Risk, Operational Risk and other Liability Risk of the business)
  • Some Cases | 6.25% – 25% Equity Roll (Subject to how dependent the Business is on the Seller/Owner)
  • Some Cases | 6.25% – 25% Earn-Out (Subject to the Forecasts made by the Seller. Our Earn-outs has a tiered distribution based on performance.
  • Some Cases | Options – In some cases if the Seller is sophisticated enough we would include upsides in the form of Option contracts or Warrants to sweeten the deal.
Criteria to meet the above structure
  • Considerable AR
  • Considerable Inventory
  • Considerable Equipment
  • Considerable Current Assets
  • Healthy AP/AR Turnaround Ratio
  • Healthy Cash Flow
Considerations which would affect the speed to close (In this order)
  • Lacking upfront financials
  • Lacking considerable current assets
  • AR Aging negatively affecting MRR
  • AP Aging negatively affecting MRR
  • Unhealthy Account Receivable Turnover Ratio
  • Unhealthy Account Payable Turnover Ratio
  • Debt Terms with current priority liens and perfection on assets
We know this may not be for everyone and we want to say thanks for considering us in advance despite the outcome and we would love for you to keep us on your senders list.


5 Million to 500 Million


15% Plus


No 1 Account exceeding more than 60% of Revenue.


20% to 25% Plus


15% Plus


15% Plus year on year on year minimum


Our sweet spot is Technology and Innovation with auxiliary interests in Telecommunication, Healthcare, and E-Commerce. Outside of these we are agnostic and look at opportunities on a deal by deal basis. We believe that there is no one size fits all and never say no to exploring an opportunity.

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